Flawless festive photo tips

Flawless festive photo tips

Three wise photography men of Boden House share their Yuletide tips for taking a flawless festive photo.

Wise man tip 1. Don’t sweat over the equipment. Whether you use a fancy SLR, a vintage effect Diana or Tesco’s finest disposable, focus on what you can see through the lens and the camera will play along.

Wise man tip 2. Keep your eyes open! Don’t just point in the vague direction and press the button. You need to tune in on what’s going on around you and when you come to point and press, take a few snaps as you’ll rarely capture everything on your first go.

Wise man tip 3. Experiment with framing. You don’t always have to allow room for full head and shoulders. Focus on the eyes and capture the emotion in the moment.

Wise man tip 4. More of a don’t than a do– but avoid a police academy line up. Try piling everyone onto a sofa or around the table. It should help make the photos feel more relaxed if the situation is believable.

Wise man tip 5. Wrap up warm in your cosiest Boden knits and head outside at dusk when the light will be soft and flattering. Then once you’ve captured your photo you’ll be perfectly placed to traipse off to your local for an evening eggnog.

Plus an extra (cute) tip from a wise lady: This low tech suggestion creates super cute artsy snaps and you can try out all kinds of different shapes.

We’d love to hear your tips too! Share your own words of wisdom in the comments below…