A Cabin Holiday

A Cabin Holiday

Our good friend Brittany is back on the blog, this time fending off cabin fever in a selection of stylish winter warmers…

It’s that time of year again…the season of ‘seasons’. From Fall festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving into Christmas and New Years, it’s a time for festivities! While the Mister, the puppy and I live in the city and it has its advantages I always crave a bit of fresh air around this time of year to get stuck into good old fashioned celebrating. Thankfully my family lives in a beautiful cabin in the woods, nestled amongst rolling farms. An absolutely perfect place to spend some time transitioning from Autumn into Christmas…err I mean Winter!

First up on the agenda was getting rid of the Halloween/Autumn dressings around the cabin. We enjoyed them in their last big push of Thanksgiving but their time was over. Pumpkins, gourds, grasses, corn husks and the like were artfully arranged, but thankfully I had Matilda, the puppy on hand to deconstruct. She’s very very talented at destruction, you see. After we gathered all of the decorations up, we piled them high in the tractor and took them for a little ride down the lane. Why throw things in the trash when you can make a few friends from the local wildlife? If you cut your pumpkins up they can be a good source of food for smaller critters as well as the bigger guys like deer and even late butterflies and insects can have the juices. I can’t imagine chipmunks or squirrels would pass up on the feast either! I passed on the cutting (too much work) but instead played a version of ‘forest boules/bocce ball’ by tossing pumpkins into pumpkins. Sadly, my little lady arms didn’t exactly get the pumpkins flying too far!

It seemed a shame to be feeding all the wildlife and not be feeding my own little wild one, so among all the human food making and wildlife feasts we also set about making some treats for puppy and her cousins. I picked up a mix for dog biscuits which came with its own little bone shaped cutter. They were super easy and I reckon you could whip up a recipe from scratch nearly as easily. As you can see Matilda couldn’t keep away and spent the evening peeking, licking and watching her little treats come to life. I’ve never had such a well behaved little helper!

After emerging from the food coma of Thanksgiving (and dog biscuits, which I did try as they were made from all natural ‘human’ ingredients. I’ll save you the trouble, they were very bland!) I twisted the arm of my hubby to go out to a proper Christmas tree farm to find a tree to take back with us from our mini holiday. The experience of going out to pick out your own tree from the ground and not the sidewalk is how I grew up…and it’s way more fun! We toyed with the idea of making use of our 14 foot ceilings in our flat, but then quickly realised that our decorations are probably more on the ‘3 foot’ size range. We ended up making a compromise between the Charlie Brown size and the ‘lofty’ ambitions with a respectable 6.5 foot blue spruce which looked properly blue/aqua out in the field. Not so sure that hue has made it all the way home with us though…all 3 hours home on the highway with it tied to the roof! I was expecting a tree bent in half, but it made it back to the city in good shape. Next step…decorations! Now where are my elfin helpers?