Bright ideas for busy worker bees

Bright ideas for busy worker bees

We got the skinny on how some of our staff stay stylish (and sane) while keeping small sorts in clean socks. A unique insight into their tricks of the trade is right this way… 


Tips from our Senior Stylist Amanda MacMillan

  • “Always choose what you’re going to wear in natural light, if you get ready for work when it’s still dark in the morning you risk the chance of wearing the wrong colour tights or shoes with your outfit! Plan ahead!”
  • “I always carry a bag of jewellery with me just in case I need to change my look in the day. When I go out after work I can just add a necklace to funk up my outfit!”
  • “Bring an extra pair of shoes in your bag so that you always have the option of heels or flats depending on your mood or diary!”



Tips from our Creative Director Justine

  • “I often put bowls, plates, glasses, cutlery and cereals out on the table before I go to bed ready for breakfast the next morning. It means that the children can come downstairs on their own in the morning and all they have to do is get the milk and juice out of the fridge!”
  • “Get your children into the habit of having their school uniform ready to be put on in the morning!”
  • “Wake the children up 15 minutes earlier than necessary to allow time for those last minute hiccups!”


Tips from Tara Ryan, Head of Mini & Johnnie b Design

“Buy outfits. You can then rotate the outfits through the week and get them stylishly dressed without the stress of finding matching tights, cardigans etc. When you’re in a hurry.”

“Let them choose what shoes to wear then you get to choose the clothes. Velcro or slip on shoes for the little ones.”

“Try to make it a fun game for toddlers. They learn independence and enjoy it more that way.”


Tips from Marketing Manager, Jacqui

“At the beginning of the week I pull out a few items which can be mixed and matched together – enough to cover the number of days I’m working.  I’m not a morning person so I even plan it down to what accessories/jewelry I’ll wear and hang those up too.”

“I do the same for my son’s school uniform.  I always hang it up (all items, down to his socks!) ready for the next day.”

Do you have any clever plate spinning tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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