Blog by Julia Robson

The Daily Mail called it an ‘iPad Christmas’ because of the eerie silence that fell on gadget-happy kids during the festive break. In our multi-generational household the great divider was not technology, it was denim. Xmas chez Robson will go down as the Christmas of crazy coloured jeans! Everyone under 30 was wearing these. My 17-year-old nephew wore a shade of pomegranate. His three elder brothers wore khaki, peach and pistachio. My teenage niece wore ‘sea punk’ pastels (sherbet green, acid blue and toxic yellow). And, not to be left out my eight year son wore natty, distressed pink. All very One Direction I hear you say but how is this going to affect me?

Because ladies, it’s not just Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry who are rocking the latest fashion phenomena. You too should be working them into your regime NOW.

Why? Because 2013 is the year of colour and nothing anchors the new season trend like these. Celebrities have already started to embrace them with the same fearless nonchalance as cowboys once did their Levis. From the Duchess of Cambridge – who has been photographed more than once in her washed out reds teamed with favourite nude court heels – to Jessica Alba (pink) to Alexa Chung (tangerine, pale pinks). The many virtues of crazy coloured jeans extend way beyond making everyone believe you’ve been on a New Year’s diet (wear them tight and they have the same effect as Spanx Shapewear). Obviously, they refresh your wardrobe. And about that size question? With jeans it’s more about body proportion. Anyone can – and should – wear skinny or a tight bootleg to balance out a fuller bust. If you are short in the leg, team with heels to elgonate. A cropped top or blazer perfects the silhouette.

Colour-aside, there’s a fine line between what constitutes authentic denim (which uses more than just two threads to create that familiar diagonal surface weave), and cotton twill, or cord. It’s not about fabric more fit, shape and attitude. Certainly not age. Oscar Wilde might say coloured jeans are wasted on the young. Follow the rules and I guarantee these will revolutionise your life. Far more than an iPad…


1. Wear ‘em tight. Denim guru, Donna Ida Thornton, whose denim-only boutiques offer state of the art designer jeans advises you treat jeans like a foundation garment. “They should hold you in like a corset,” she told me.

2. Patterned or pastel cords count too. Team with tops in monochrome or neutral shades that won’t look fussy. T-shirts and knits.

3.  Flats vs heels? Prada and Gucci back flats. Boden offers broguesSixties Slingbacks or metallic Penny Loafers. 

4. Crazy coloured jeans are for everyday. Not the weekend. Certainly not just for Christmas! Re-write the rulebook on ‘smart casual’ and the SS13 silhouette with a chic cashmere cropped crew neck.

5. Flash an ankle! Any age group can wear Boden’s zip ankle skimmers come in shades like aqua and pink and look great when teamed with an oversized Linen T-shirt.

6. Buy coloured jeans for your husband/boyfriend/son.

My sister returned from driving her 19-year-old son to uni only to find his favourite jeans still on his bed. “S’alright mum,” he reassured her. “I’ve only packed coloured jeans this term.”

Will you be trying this trend?