The inside scoop on Mini and a very pretty prize

The inside scoop on Mini and a very pretty prize

Our fluttery flower girl frocks have caused a flurry of excitement in the world of weddings with bloggers and customers alike swooning over the pastel party pieces. We spoke to the Mini Boden Designer behind the new collection to find out more.

Who: Emma Levigne, Mini Boden Designer Extraordinaire

Where did the idea for the range spring from?

There has been a small element of occasion wear within Mini Girls in the past but it was only available online. Head of Mini Boden Design Tara and Johnnie felt this extra special, premium type of product was missing and it was an area they wanted to expand. There is a trend leaning towards more party, frivolous pieces so it’s fantastic that we have had the opportunity to develop the range.

What era inspired the collection?

We found a beautiful 1920’s vintage dress from an antiques market. This was very inspiring and led to the development of the Lace Tiered Dress.

Which is your favourite piece from the range?

I love the Long Sash Dress because it has a dreamy magical feel and conjures up images of wood nymphs and fairy stories.

Tell us using the comments below which piece your daughter loves most and where she would where it for the chance to win one. View the collection here for UK > And for US >