And the winner is…

And the winner is…

The winner of our design a logo t-shirt competition in the 13-16 age group was young Caleb from Cumbria. He left our design team quaking in their Boden boots after wowing Johnnie himself with his playful worm design. We caught up with the young artist while he took a tour of Boden House…

Hello Caleb! Congratulations on winning the competition! Why did you decide to enter?

Well, I saw the competition in the catalogue and I just really like the company. I thought it was worth a shot, even if I win or lose – I just like drawing.

Winner of our illustration competition Caleb meets Mr Boden himself!

Have you always been so good at drawing? What do you like to draw best?

I’ve always liked drawing, can’t really remember when I first started drawing though. I like drawing doodle sketches – not detailed drawings, just things from my head.

We loved the worm in the top hat. Why did you choose the worm?

I thought he was a nice little character with his big eyes. It’s not exactly normal and I like that. I did loads and loads of drawings to come up with the idea and then combined the speech bubble from one design with the worm one to make this design.

Here at Boden, we love logo t-shirt! What kind of logos would you like to see on t-shirts?

I like cool, quirky sketches. Things that aren’t obvious but are funny or nonsense.

Your t-shirt is going to be sold to raise money for a lot of people who need it – how does that make you feel?’

I’m very happy that it’s not just me who is benefiting from it.

Caleb’s original design:


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