The Boden Blends

The Boden Blends

Quench your thirst with this cocktail of concoctions from Boden staff…

Cocktail: Mike’s Mojito

Who: Mike

Job: Senior Production Manager

Ingredients: Rum |Brown sugar | Fresh mint | Soda water | Lots of ice and a slice

Sipping soundtrack: “It’s Alright, I Feel it (feat. Jocelyn Brown)” by Masters at Work

Most enjoyed: Rainbow Room in New York

Cocktail: Whisky Mac

Who: Lawrence

Job: Email Marketing Manager

Ingredients: Whiskey | Ginger Wine | Crushed ice

Sipping soundtrack: Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks

Most enjoyed: On a sunny afternoon

Mocktail: Mauby and Cane Sugar Cooler

Who: Nelissa

Job: Assistant Marketing Manager

Ingredients: Mauby (Caribbean tree bark syrup) |Pure Cane Sugar Juice | Crushed ice

Sipping soundtrack: Vibes Cyah Done by Machel Montano

Most enjoyed: In Trinidad

Cocktail: White Russian

Who: Sharna

Job: Email Campaign Executive

Ingredients: Cream | Milk | Coffee Liqueur | Vodka | Ice

Sipping soundtrack: In homage to the drink, Lets Get in On, Barry White!

Feel good factor: High. It’s creamy and yummy, makes you just want to be lying in the sun kicking back.

Most enjoyed: On holiday in Lombok, Indonesia

Cocktail: Pisco Sour

Who: Jayne

Job: Online Editor

Ingredients: Pisco | Lemon juice | White sugar | Egg white | Ice | Blend to smooth

Sipping soundtrack: Float on by Modest Mouse

Most enjoyed: In a restaurant over-looking the beach at Lima

Cocktail: Lychee Martini

Who: Chloë

Job: Social Media Manager

Ingredients: Vodka | Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur | Lychee Juice & Lychee to garnish

Sipping soundtrack: Blondie, Heart of Glass

Most enjoyed: With a smile