Grown-Up Style Icons: Linda Rodin

Grown-Up Style Icons: Linda Rodin

Model, photographer and serial snappy-dresser, Linda Rodin takes no prisoners when it comes to her style. In a simple homage to all things Linda, we join  ‘That’s Not My Age’ blogger Aly Walsh to chat her look, her lifestyle and the joys of wearing black.

Meet this week’s style inspiration, Linda Rodin. She’s a fabulous New York fashion stylist who lives in Chelsea – with her pet poodle Winky (another grey haired beauty) – and is one of Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style stars. For the record, Ari is one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place and I owe him a big thank you. Nearly five years ago, inspired by his amazing street style images of glamorous older folk, I set up That’s Not My Age and have been blathering on about life, style and fashion over forty ever since. Thanks, Ari.

Anyhow. Enough about me, let’s talk about Linda. Her career in fashion started with a bit of this and that, a spot of modeling turned into a stint as a photographer until Rodin’s late sister Christine said, ‘You take the worst pictures but get the best clothes.’ It was at that point Rodin realised her true vocation as a freelance stylist. Though more recently, she’s reverted to modeling, and founded an eponymous skincare line – Rodin is 65, and has amazing skin, so she’s obviously doing something right. Next time I’m over in NYC, I’ll be bulk-buying the stuff.

The silver-haired stylist, who went grey at 35 and has never considered a dye-job, has become something of a pin-up for women of a certain age. A firm favourite on Pinterest’s mature beauty boards, she wisely advises that ‘chasing youth is never going to make you happy and if you start worrying about it, you’re screwed.’ I hear you, Linda. Like a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Jenna Lyons, Rodin mixes vintage and modern pieces to fabulous effect and is rarely seen without a pair of statement sunglasses and her hot pink lipstick. She plays around with embellishment and colour but always in an elegant, less is more kind of way –  a traditional Czech embroidered tunic with dark denim jeans and a pair of eye-catching silver boots, or a faded checked shirt with a ladylike ruffled skirt and some vintage jewellery. It’s the singular way Rodin puts outfits together that I like – mixing flea market finds with modern classics like denim or Breton stripes, finishing off with a flash of vibrant colour or some vintage jewellery. And like all true fashion folk, she knows that there’s always head-to-toe black to fall back on.

Here’s how to embrace elements of Rodin’s signature style:

1. Don’t shy away from clashing prints. Stick to perennial classics like Breton stripes and polka dots and wear them with faded old denim – lots of it.

2. Liven up the simplest of outfits with a pair of head-turning shoes:

3.  Simplify your life with a striking shirt dress and pair of run-around flats.


4. At the end of the day – actually, make that the beginning – you can’t beat a pair of figure-flattering black trousers.

What do you think to Linda’s look?

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