The story of our print

The story of our print

In addition to bold use of colour, quirky appliqués and cashmere, print and pattern are part of the Boden DNA. Designed primarily in house, our talented creatives conjure these prints with pen and paper before the artwork transforms into the clothes you wear. We chatted to Senior Textile Designer Nicola Breen to bring you this insightful piece on Boden print… 

Print Name: Grape Alium

Designed by: Nicola

The Story: A few summers ago, I popped up to the Boden roof garden to take a snap of the sunset post-work. The garden is a very green space with lots of flowers and I happened to notice the specimen below and so took a photo of it too. Looking at it more, we decided that it would make a great print for Autumn and so our print teams got sketching and the rest is history!

Print features on: The Edie Dress

Print Name: Mustard Sparrow

Designed by: Jess

The Story: With birds one of our favourite animals, we had great fun designing this motif for one of our Boden bestsellers, ‘The Paris Blouse.’ Taking inspiration from real life and an incredible vintage scarf, our print designer Jess spent an age researching and sketching examples (like a genuine Bill Oddie) until it finally evolved into this.

Print features on: The Paris Blouse

Print Name: Verdant Retro Geo

The inspiration for this actually came from a personal trip to the States where I stumbled upon some great 1960s upholstery (the ‘60s has been a key era for us in terms of design inspiration and it’s an era which Johnnie loves) We loved the colour and how the bold, repeat print could be flattering without feeling too psychedelic.

Print features on: The Printed Pocket Top