A dog called Sprout

A dog called Sprout

Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of sources: Johnnie’s Jack Russell, Sprout, has proved to be one of Boden’s most enduring muses

Meet Sprout, a small but very influential dog. Sprout became a beloved member of founder Johnnie’s family in 2008 when she was just a puppy and has since inspired some of Boden’s most iconic prints – gracing everything from Boden’s cosy hot-water bottle covers to elegant silk and wool ties.

“It was actually my daughters who suggested we use Sprout. It was like a lightening bolt of inspiration – there’s something distinctly British about a dog who’s a member of the family – so it was a natural fit,” explains Johnnie. “It’s also typical of Boden: to use something uniquely personal to create something beautiful – while keeping our innate sense of humour and fun.”


Since then Sprout has become a repeat motif – especially for the Mini Boden team. The team are such sticklers for detail, they’ve been known to sketch and match Sprout’s tan markings and curly coat meticulously taking snapshots of her when she visits Boden HQ with Johnnie.

“It was actually my daughters who suggested we use Sprout. It was like a lightening bolt of inspiration.”

While designing the Sprout Rosey Pink pattern for autumn/winter 2014, they spent eight days designing a range of glasses in a variety of colours and shapes before settling on the final four (pictured below, far left). Similarly, when they created the iconic Duck Egg Christmas town (below, far right) – it needed that small detail to give it a compelling charm – and what could be better than a cute Jack Russell? Put simply, Sprout personifies Boden…



See below for the 10 picks that turned Sprout into an icon

1. Terrier Jumper
This woollen jumper adds understated personality to your wardrobe. Perfect for weekends or worn with a pencil skirt and heels.
2. Knitted Cushion
Animal designs have been a huge trend in interiors for the past few seasons and this grey-and-yellow knitted cushion featuring Sprout works brilliantly mixed with monochrome abstract prints.

3. Jolly Jumper
Cheeky, chirpy and utterly British, this sweet jumper is the perfect Christmas present for any small dog lovers in your life.
4. Fun Scarf
For colour with a subtler take on Sprout, this scarf looks beautiful paired with a navy cashmere crewneck.

5. Slubby Stripe T-Shirt
Spot the Sprout… Look carefully and you’ll locate the canine Boden motif.

6. The Tie
Elegant and understated with a dash of humour, this is the only way to finish a sharp suit. It’s also an excellent stocking-filler.

7. 3-Pack Boxers
A Johnnie b special: these boxers will meet the standards of even the most discerning of teenage boys.

8. Knitted Slipper
Featuring a faux-fur finish, these slippers are an irresistible addition to your Christmas list.

9. Bathers
Incorporating the iconic HMS Sprout print, these boy bathers are a packing essential.
10. Mariner T-Shirt
Redefining the classic Breton for boys, Sprout and the Union Jack add a pop of colour and humour

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