Get active (in 10 easy steps)

Get active (in 10 easy steps)

New Year’s resolutions for a fitter you falling by the wayside? Inspired by our new yoga activewear, Get The Gloss’ Editor-in-Chief, Susannah Taylor, gives her 10 easy ways to embrace yoga in 2015. No chanting required…

1. Find a good teacher
Kathy Phillips (yogi and former colleague from my days at Vogue) told me the most important thing to do when starting yoga was to find a good teacher – the good ones will change your life, the bad ones you’ll forget. The best have studied yoga in enormous depth, for many years. To find a good one go to The British Wheel Of Yoga. Steer clear of anyone who’s done a crash course.

2. Read all about it
For a beginner it’s not always easy to understand your table from your tree pose, so it’s wise to read up on the different poses. OM Yoga by Cyndi Lee contains handy illustrations on daily practice for beginners.

3. Buy some comfy kit
You will need the following: a pair of leggings that won’t ride up your leg or expose your stomach like these Yoga Leggings (they have a waistband you can roll up or down to keep your tummy in at all times). You also need a vest, a sports bra and a comfy top to keep you warm. I like the Yoga Drawcord Top.


4. Take up Pocket Yoga
Instead of expensive classes, try the Pocket Yoga app, a flexible yoga guru-to-go. Developed with the School of Gaia Flow, this app will guide you through 27 different yoga sessions all tailored to different practices, difficulty levels and durations.

5. Not all yoga mats are the same
Nothing will inspire you more to start a daily practice than the incredibly beautiful yoga mats from La Vie Boheme Yoga.

6. Be inspired
If your commitment is waning, you only have to check out the insane yoga bodies and hyper bendy poses of the following yoga experts on Instagram: @yoga_girl @gypsetgoddess @amandabisk @tarastiles


7. Book a retreat
It’s not quite the same practising yoga in Southwark as St Lucia. Here are a few yoga retreats I highly recommend: Ayda Ellis with 38 Degrees North in Ibiza (May 2015); Katy Appleton Spring Shine Retreat in Sussex (May 2015); Simon Low in Indonesia and Turkey this year and The Ritual Retreat with Jane Kersel in Spain (May 2015).

8. Take a YouTube class
If you have a baby or you enjoy the comfort of your own home, then the next best thing to a yoga class is a session on YouTube. Tara Stiles is a US yoga sensation and on her channel you’ll find yoga for weight loss, energy, beginners, a deep sleep and even a smaller waist.

9. Salute the Sun
If you are new to yoga, one of the best places to start is to practise the Sun Salutation – a series of 12 poses which helps improve flexibility, strength and energises your body. It is a sequenced repeated many times in a yoga practice so get learning!

10. Annnd breathe…
Pranayama (breathing exercises) is at the core of every good yoga practice. A function we do without thinking is brought into focus with a powerfully meditative effect on the body and a healing effect on the mind. To discover more go to

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