New Year Style Resolutions

New Year Style Resolutions

Mademoiselle Robot (AKA Parisian journalist Laetitia Wajnapel) chooses the six key items from Boden’s spring/summer 2015 collection that will update and complete your wardrobe instantly

Finding your personal style is not always an easy task: every day we are bombarded by inspirational images coming from magazines, blogs and social media channels. They are a great map to navigate the latest trends but not always conducive to discovering what you like and what you want to wear. This comes from trial and error, reflecting on past outfits and, above all, I firmly believe you can only truly find your style once you have identified your style essentials.

These style essentials are the building block of your wardrobe, they can be as plain or as jazzy as you like, but the one thing they have in common is their timelessness and versatility. Today, I am showing you my six essentials: the Boden blocks on which I will be building my s/s 15 wardrobe.

1. The Breton Top
In every girl, there is a Parisian waiting to emerge. I happen to be a Parisian and so I can confirm the utter importance of a good, scratch that, of a GREAT Breton top in your wardrobe. You want it to fit just right. Not too tight, not too loose. It needs to be soft and comfortable but look smart enough to be worn in myriad situations. It doesn’t have to be navy and white either. I picked mine with multi-coloured stripes for a slightly different take on the look. As you will see later, a simple, understated style is all about the details.
2. The Tailored Chinos
My true essential when it comes to trousers is a pair of skinny jeans. However, I like to shake things up a bit and chinos are the next best thing. Wear them with a white shirt and layered necklaces with a chunky knit and trainers for this street style star silhouette or simply like me with a Breton top. It always works.

3. The Slingback Pumps
As you will see here and below, accessories are where the fun truly begins, even when it comes to essentials. If you like to dress down (and god knows I love to dress down), interesting accessories will help elevate your look and make sure you don’t look like 16-year-old you. Slingback pumps are a spring/summer must-have and these polka-dotted beauties will go with everything you own. It seems like a bold statement, but sometimes, you just have to make things go with everything whether the rules of fashion say it works or not.
4. The Backpack
Backpacks are back in style, big time. Finally we get something “trendy” that’s also practical. It is also something trendy that happens to be so popular it has definitely claimed its wardrobe essential status. If you need to pick a backpack, make sure you get a “grown-up” one, metallics are a safe bet, as seen here.

5. The Skinny Belt
Because you will always need something to keep your trousers from falling down –and jokes aside – because a good pair of trousers sometimes needs a little accessorising too. Skinny jeans with a tucked-in shirt: good. Add a skinny belt: it becomes great. I picked mine in navy blue so it works with everything in my wardrobe.
6. The Statement Necklace
Some days, you will want to wear the simplest pieces you own. Black trousers or jeans, white T-shirt or shirt, a jumper and your trench. Then you will look at yourself in the mirror and feel deflated. Fret not: all you need is to throw on a statement necklace! Its colourful jewels and super-sparkly crystals will boost the morale – and your outfit – in no time. Tried and tested!

The most important thing: have fun with your clothes!

Mademoiselle Robot