London Fashion Week In Numbers

London Fashion Week In Numbers

Despite being a seasoned pro in the blogging game, I Want You To Know’s Kristabel Plummer is a relative newcomer to Fashion Week. We asked her to nip behind the scenes for us and pin down the only-at-LFW details that make it such a special event in the fashion calendar.

The whirlwind of London Fashion Week may be over but some of the trends I’ve seen and people I’ve met will leave a lasting impression. Although I love the 10 minutes or so of catwalk excitement, it’s the random moments in between that make the experience for me. Whether I’m spotting people dressed up to the nines in the Somerset House courtyard or taking in the sights of London between shows, I always have to pinch myself: this is what it’s like to live the #LFW dream.

Number of shows attended. Being a blogger, my invites can sometimes get ‘lost’ in the post. Not to worry – if anyone asks, I say I’m being super-selective.


Random varieties of ‘beauty’ drinks tasted. Each season I end up trying a few miracle drinks that promise the earth. It’s early days yet, but I’m not sure they can do anything about the bags under my eyes caused by late-night blogging.

Impromptu photo shoots almost interrupted. Every blogger wants to have the clean and classic Somerset House architecture in the background of their snaps, it’s just a rule. Resist the urge to photo bomb and you’ll be rewarded.

Amazing retro coats spotted. You couldn’t move for Sixties-style coats in every colour combination under the sun. I’ve had to resist the temptation to snap up my own version.

Sneaky shots taken of my shoes by eager photographers. With social media, it’s important to add interest to each part of your outfit. Was it a sly tactic to wear my dotty Alice heels and silver cutout boots? I couldn’t possibly comment…

Methods of transport taken to shows. From double-decker buses to swanky car services, I’ve seen it all – and missed a fair few shows due to London traffic.

Times I swapped heels for comfy trainers. The fash pack is never without a back-up footwear option, especially when those lethal cobbles are everywhere. Next time I’ll be hiring a ‘walking’ assistant to help me in case the worst should happen.

People wearing head-to-toe Seventies garb. The decade of bell-bottoms and bohemia is back with a vengeance and I’ve made a note to hunt down the perfect jazzy dress and suede combo.

Sweet varieties consumed in lieu of meals. After a long day of to-ing and fro-ing, all nutrition goes out the window. I promise I’ll go back to my greens when all of this is over!

Sensational show locations seen. Even when rushing from place to place, it’s important to take in the surroundings that set this Fashion Week apart from the rest. Rain, cups of tea and plenty of smiles: it’s all just so British.


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