Easy Peasy New Season Style

Easy Peasy New Season Style

Some mornings deciding what to wear feels like an impossible task. Throw two fashion-conscious kids into the mix and getting out the door on time can be an even bigger challenge. Here New York-based Ilana Wiles, blogger at Mommy Shorts and mum to five-year-old Mazzy and two-year-old Harlow, explains how getting ready is a breeze when everyone has new season looks they love…


Mini Boden has long been one of my favourite brands for kids, because their clothing is both kid-friendly and super stylish. I love the attention to special details like Mazzy’s sequined collar and the pops of colour found in unexpected places like the bright blue zippers on Harlow’s gold boots.


Mazzy is OBSESSED with her brown suede boots with the pink zippers. She wants to wear them every single day and I practically have to rip them off her feet at night!

The great thing about Mini Boden is that even though their clothes look really special, they are super comfortable and perfect for romping around, and materials hold up after being washed time and again. I can attest to this because all of Mazzy’s well-worn Mini Boden clothing is in perfect condition to hand down to Harlow.


Mini Boden isn’t just a favourite of mine for my kids, it is a favourite of both my girls as well. They latch onto their favourite pieces and wear them again and again. This means we can even get fashion-loving Mazzy out the door to kindergarten, fuss-free.


Mini Boden has long been one of my favourite brands for my kids so it was so fun to try the adult line. Turns out Boden for women is just as versatile and well-made. I’m looking forward to wearing my new Groovy Swing Top and Skinny Jeans… And avoiding those dreaded I’ve-got-nothing-to-wear moments!

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