Spotted in ICONS!

Spotted in ICONS!

During fashion month, one of our guilty pleasures is spending waaaay too much time reading blogs and scrolling through snaps of well-dressed women on the streets of New York, London, Paris and Milan (we like to think of it as research). And there’s nothing we love more than spotting a street style star in Boden. Read on for our favourites so far…

Reem Kanj, blogger at Five Five Fabulous


“I took my brand new Hyde Parka for a spin onto the very wet and rainy streets of Mayfair. It was actually a very welcome backdrop, as in this parka I feel like I can tackle the brunt of British weather. I was more than happy to hide from the rain under my ginormous faux fur hood and maintain a little cool whilst doing so.”

Shini Park, Blogger at Park and Cube


“The Boden Icons collection embodies everything that London is for me… Heritage yet daring, simple yet full of character, and most of all – rock’ n ‘ roll. I wanted a piece of home to take with me to New York Fashion Week, so I packed two of my favourites from the collection, the Brigadier Skirt (reminds me of a walk down Whitehall) and the Spitafields Coat.

Wearing trousers under a skirt is a fun trend that’s on the rise, so I paired some flared jeans with the Brigadier skirt and finished off with a crisp white shirt. It’s a perfect daytime look, just swap out the jeans and pop some heels on for the evening!”

Blair Eadie, blogger at Atlantic Pacific

“My style is colourful and eclectic but with a preppy undertone. As the seasons change, I’ve found myself gravitating towards a more feminine, dramatic style and it doesn’t get more high octane than this statement-making red coat.”

Erica Davies, blogger at The Edited


“I love the fact that the Hyde Parka has an oversized, dramatic hood. It adds a contemporary spin to a well-known classic (and it keeps you warm). For London Fashion Week, I upped the ante and teamed it with the relaxed cashmere jumper, leather skirt and some serious heels, but for a more relaxed weekend vibe it would be great with denim flares and the Dana Trainer.”

Emily Johnston, blogger at Fashion Foie Gras

“Bring on the icons, I say! When putting together this look, I wanted to showcase that an iconic dress can be just as appropriate for day as for night. I dressed down this beautifully luxurious number with a tweed jacket, stripy heels and a few golden touches. Then there’s the bag. I am obsessed with this bright orange calfskin tote – an essential for autumn!”

Leandra Medine, blogger at Man Repeller, put her unique spin on the Boden collection, as modeled by internationally acclaimed pianist Chloe Pang.

“Adding denim flares underneath a long pencil skirt like this one from Boden makes the classic shape less austere. The turtleneck on top lowercases the L in “look” so you don’t feel like you’re baiting street style photogs.”


“This skirt is “supposed to” button in the front. Just right on down the middle with a pocket to the right. But no! That ain’t spicy! Flip it to the side like you Know all skirts are inclined to (that’s why they twist when you walk) and give yourself some of that SS16 runway thigh. Then add a coat — regardless of bucking tradition and weirding-up your classics, it’s eventually gonna get cold.”






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