Super Skinny Jeans: Yes, You Can

Super Skinny Jeans: Yes, You Can

The mere mention of the words ‘super skinny’ in a fashion context has most of us running for the hills (or reaching for the changing room curtain, at the very least). But before you write them off as something ‘other people wear’, we’ll let you in on a little secret… Ours are different. They’re made from supersoft, super-stretchy material that won’t lose their shape. And did we mention the leg-lengthening quality and flattering high-rise cut?  To see them in action, we asked three bloggers of differing height and frame size to put them to the test. The results are just as we expected. Stupendous.



Erica Davies, founder of The Edited

“The words ‘super skinny jeans’ and my legs don’t generally go together. I’m just not a skin-tight kind of girl. Give me a pair of relaxed or wide-leg trousers  and I’m happy. However, add the words ‘high waist’, ‘super stretchy’ and ‘dark indigo denim’ and you’ve definitely got my attention.

Denim that will keep you looking pulled in and comfortable all day is worth discussing, particularly if, like me, you’re dealing with lots of different tasks on a daily basis – from the school run to work meetings.

“I love the way these jeans  feel. They’re supersoft and easy to wear. I teamed mine with a chunky relaxed knit, which layers perfectly with a classic tee. Finish with the beautiful Carrie coat  in bright yellow and you’re Spring ready! Adding a hint of leopard print is my signature style so I couldn’t resist these heels. Despite the flattering, leg-lengthening properties of the jeans, I’m of the opinion that heels and denim are never a bad idea.“



Emily Johnston, Fashion Foie Gras
“The search for the perfect pair of jeans is like every women’s search for the Holy Grail. Over the years, I’ve wriggled into over a thousand pairs in an effort to find my ideal match. I’ve struck gold about a dozen times. Those aren’t good odds. That’s about a one per cent success rate, so I think you’ll understand why, when I find a great pair of denim, I like to share the good news.

“Enter Boden’s Super Skinny Jeans. Fresh from the polka dot plastic package, I pulled what I am now officially referring to as my ‘go-to’ jean. These jeans can be worn at any time – from a formal occasion with high heels  and a tuxedo jacket, to casual daywear with a great coat  and a colourful bag.

“The jeans  are also my perfect length (they come in tall) and stretch so well. Why anyone wears denim without stretch I’ll never understand. In a nutshell, these are definitely worth a wriggle.”



Olivia Purvis, What Olivia Did
“The silent sartorial glue that pulls all manner of outfits together, come rain, shine, day or night. It may be a  poetic way to reference a pair of skinnies, but these jeans  have been my denim staple for the last year and a half and it takes a lot to earn that accolade.

“There aren’t many jeans I’ll gladly wax lyrical about. I’ve got a small waist (with hips) and sadly my leg length is somewhat dissimilar to that of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, so my denim ideally has to be cropped enough that I don’t have to turn up the hem three times just to make them wearable. This is where my Boden jeans come in. Paired with a classic roll neck, the trench  of my dreams and the perfect dancing shoes, I’m ready to face the world.”

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