Back To School Style

Back To School Style

New York  blogger Ilana Wiles, AKA  Mommy Shorts, and her two  daughters, Mazzy, 6, and Harlow, 3, take our latest  Mini Boden styles for a spin… just in time for the new school term. 

“The back-to-school collection from Mini Boden is so fun and  colourful. My girls gravitated immediately to the rainbow  colours  and bold patterns. To tell you the truth, I really wish some of their outfits came in my size!”

“Here’s how the girls wore each outfit during a typically busy week in New York.”

Mommy Shorts cara with her daughters in boden for back to school kids style

 Say It With Stripes (& Denim)

“Mazzy  informed me that she will be wearing this outfit every day for the entire school year. I can totally see why – you can’t go wrong with rainbow stripes and denim dungarees.”

Mommy Shorts Harlow in the green dress and felt flower necklace

Like Mother. Like Daughter

“Harlow fell in love with the rainbow hedgehog bag and immediately paired it with the felt flower necklace, exclaiming, ‘I look just like Mummy!’ It’s such a cute look for your mini me.”

Mommy Shorts daughters back to school with Boden Mazzy and Harlow in Boden dresses

Flower Power

“Harlow told me she would like to wear this dress to her birthday party this year, which has a butterfly theme. Butterflies LOVE flowers so this dress is the perfect choice.”

Rainbow Bright

“Mazzy  has branched out from her all pink wardrobe and now wants rainbow everything.  I can fully understand her decision!”


Mommy Shorts daughters in twirly frill denim skirts

Dotty For Denim

“There is nothing my girls like better than a good twirling skirt! The shape and fabric of this tiered one is the new blueprint for what a swirling, twirling skirt should be.”


Mommy Shorts Mazzy in the Boden rainbow dress, red wellies and a cute print backpack for back to school with boden

Let It Rain

“I love how the backpack, the boots and the umbrella all come together perfectly with the rainbow striped dress. There’s no such thing as too much colour when it comes to the girls’ wardrobes.”

All photos were taken by   Sasithon Pooviriyakul.

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