My Week by Lauren

My Week by Lauren

If the idea of delving into the lives and wardrobes of top magazine editors and real-life working women appeals to your inner fashion magpie, we think you might quite like our latest project.

Welcome to My Week, a chance to show you, dear customer, how our clothes fit into your wardrobe for work, weekend… whenever.

In the hot seat this week is DJ, TV presenter, author, singer, comedian, mother, wife and businesswoman Lauren Laverne. Over to you, Lauren.

“I do a real mix of jobs, so there’s really no such thing as a typical week. As a presenter I host a daily radio show on BBC 6 Music every morning and Late Night Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 once a month. I also co-founded the website The Pool last year, so I spend some of my week with our team in the office, some writing for the site (usually at home) and also out shooting interviews and at events (we recently worked with The Globe on a fantastic series of live concerts).

“As well as that I host a lot of Q&As and live events – that could be anything from covering the red carpet live stream of a premiere in Leicester Square (I’ll be doing that at the London Film Festival this month) to The Mercury Prize or an event like London 1666 which I hosted last week, commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London.

“Then of course I have my home life. My family live next to the amazing Alexandra Palace, which has extensive parkland, hosts events and even has a ‘frozen in time’ Victorian Theatre, which is undergoing restoration.

“My favourite night out is dinner at The Victoria Stakes with mates. My wardrobe has to be flexible enough to accommodate all of that – and not take up too much headspace. I’ve got so much to do, I don’t have time to think about what I wear or fuss over it once it’s on.”

Co-founder of The Pool, Lauren Laverne in her Boden workwear outfit. Skinny jeans, a white shirt and blazer are her office staples

“I’m a sucker for leopard print. I know some people find it hard to wear – I think pairing it with a white shirt makes it a lot fresher and is probably a good gateway to the print! I also love these Soho Skinny Jeans. At the weekend I’ll chuck them on with a slouchy jumper and comfortable flats.”

Describe your day job(s) in three words

“Lively, fun, fascinating.”

Boden leopard print boots as worn by Lauren Laverne

Monday requires a little motivation: What song gets you going?

“We always play Monday Motivators out on my 6 Music show on a Monday morning – listeners request tracks and I can tell you (after extensive research!) that the most popular tune is Curtis Mayfield’s Move On Up. People ask for it every week – it never fails!”

What’s the BEST day you’ve had at work so far?

“It’s very difficult to choose just one, but the day my BBC 6 Music show hosted a live concert by Paul McCartney was up there. I ended up sitting next to him on his piano stool, hearing stories about The Beatles forming, and he played Coming Up especially for us, because he heard it was our team’s favourite track. Surreal.”

Lauren Laverne at her favourite pub at the weekend wearing a Boden leopard print coat and cashmere

“I’ve paired this winter coat with a few other majorly versatile pieces – a little black skirt, jewel-coloured cashmere and a statement necklace. It’s all comfy and super-easy to wear but looks pulled together – like you’ve made much more of an effort than you actually have. That’s my fashion sweet spot. I’d happily wear it to a dressy work do. For a night out in my non-work life, I’m happiest walking to my local and meeting up with friends. ”

What song signals Friday?

“It’s got to be some vintage 90s hip-hop for me. Missy Elliot’s Work It always does the business.”

Laure Laverne wearing Boden cashmere jumper and mini skirt at The Victoria Stakes at the weekend

Dressing up for the evening: Yay or nay? 

“Half up, half down is the way forward. What works for me is not to have separate work/day/evening outfits but instead to reach a midpoint of dressing up and down, day and night and wear clothes that are really adaptable. So I’ll probably look a bit more casual than everyone else when I’m doing a big red carpet thing (I usually do a statement coat and boots with heels) but I might be a little more smart than you’d expect at the radio studio.”

Lauren Laverne DJ presenter and co-founder of The Pool in Boden showing us her My Week at Alexandra Palace at the weekends.

“This dress is so great. It’s perfect for a weekend of stamping around our local park with my kids, but I’ve also worn it to work and out to dinner and the theatre. The trench is a classic and sharpens it up a bit. In my wardrobe pretty much everything works with everything else – it’s not minimalist, I just buy clothes I really love, that work as hard as I do.”

Describe your weekend style in three words

“Comfy, cosy, relaxed.”

Lauren Laverne wearing a Boden striped tunic at her favourite weekend hang out - Alexandra Palace at the weekends.

What does your dream Saturday look like?

“Wake up late after the kids miraculously sleep in. Pyjamas. Lazing. Poached eggs. Frosty walk in the woods. Family movie time. Bubble bath. Pyjamas. Red wine. Box set. Tiffin Tin curry.”


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