The Boden Christmas Confessional

The Boden Christmas Confessional

Forgive me Father Christmas for I have sinned. Don’t like mince pies? Fell asleep during your child’s nativity play? Rewrapped a Secret Santa gift? This season we’re celebrating those classic festive ‘failings’ with our Boden Christmas Confessional. Think of it as your chance to repent and reap the rewards.

To kick-off proceedings, we hosted a Christmas lunch for some of our favourite style influencers and writers at one of London’s most photogenic restaurants, Clos Maggiore. We filled them with turkey and all the trimmings before asking them to disclose their very own yuletide confessions. There’s nothing like a clear conscience at Christmas.



Kristabel plummer of i want you to know blog with her Boden Christmas Confessional

Kristabel  goes to desperate measures to get through Christmas Day with the in-laws.

Journalist for the Guardian Daisy Buchanan with her Boden Christmas Confession

Daisy  doesn’t let little things like rules get in the way of her baked-goods domination.

Julia Rebaudo from Stylonylon with her Boden Christmas confession

When the dog gets tummy ache, you’ll know who to blame… We’re looking at you Julia.

Mae and mum Anna Whitehouse from Mother Pukka with her Boden Christmas Confession

Mae  has a somewhat underhand approach to ‘organising’ the present display.

Writer Dolly Alderton with her Boden Christmas Confession

Don’t waste your paper on Dolly. She’ll file your carefully crafted family memo under ‘B’ for bin.

Olivia Purvis from WhatOliviaDid with her Boden Christmas Confession

Olivia  likes to take gifting matters into her own hands.

Erica Davies from The Edited shares her Boden Christmas Confession

Erica  knows how good the rewards can be if you start training them from a young age.


Think you can top these seasonal slip-ups?


Come along and confess your merry mishaps in our London pop-up Christmas Confessional booth and we’ll reward your repentance with the chance to WIN a wardrobe full of Boden.

Visit us at:

Richmond High Street, 39 George Street, Richmond, TW9 1HY

Sat 3rd December – 9:30am – 6:00pm & Sun 4th December – 11:00am – 5:00pm

Tell us your coming on Facebook.

Can’t make it?

Thou shalt not miss out. Send us your sins for a chance to load up your trolley with Boden goodies.

Enter our competition here.

Follow the festive fails at #ChristmasConfessed.

Video & Photography by Jack Burke Films

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