All Things Bright & Beautiful

All Things Bright & Beautiful

The power of a colourful accessory often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. A hint of brightness here, a vibrant splash there, its potential to take an outfit from good to great should never be underestimated. To put this theory into practice, we tasked Kirsty Merrett, aka Fashion For Lunch, with the job of demonstrating just how fun and easy accessorising with colour can be. From bags and shoes to jewellery and scarves, there really is a piece and place for it in everyone’s wardrobe.  


Accessories: In A Nutshell

“I’m always asked by my readers how they can add more colour into their wardrobes and I always advise them to start with their accessories. Confidence is everything so test the water with  colourful accessories like a scarf, a playful handbag or fun flats.”

“Personally, I’m into colourful accessories in a big way. In the winter months, I tend to wear a simple palette so that I can really go to town with bright coats and accessories. A new pair of shoes can give your wardrobe a new lease of life, but if those shoes are also brightly coloured then that feeling is greatly increased. Accessories help transform simple clothes into outfits and the same dress can be worn time and time again if the accessories are switched around cleverly to create new looks.”


Sweet Spot

“A spotty jumper is a great way to experiment with just a hint of colour. Worn together with these slingbacks, it’s an easy way to add colour into your outfit without looking like you’ve tried too hard.”

My style in three words…

“Poppy, playful and carefree. Life is so much more fun when it’s colourful!”


Boden green luxe leather shopper tote bag


My favourite new-season Boden accessory is…

“It has to be the Luxe Leather Tote. It’s beautifully made, sturdy and fits everything I need (and don’t need!). It comes in a variety of beautiful colours which add a wonderful splash of colour to any outfit, if you want to personalise it, try adding a bright scarf to the strap. I’m a huge fan of wearing scarves in general – wool in the winter (Boden do some beautiful cashmere scarves in the colder months) and silk scarves in the summer. It’s such an easy way to add a pop of colour to a neutral coat.”

Well Decorated

“One of my favourite prints in the Boden Spring collection is the medal print. It’s fun, bright and unique. Paired with jeans and blue flats, you have a striking but wearable weekend look.”


Comfort & Style

“Play at being a tourist in your own city with this effortless combination of a Breton medal-print top and cute loafers. The shoes are so comfortable you can wear them to brunch in Greenwich, for an afternoon stroll down the South Bank and then to dinner in Covent Garden. Comfort and style rolled into one.”

Boden pink cardigan with a red clutch and yellow belt

New Heights

“For a modern approach to the maritime trend, I added a hot red clutch and statement yellow slingbacks to a navy coat. It adds personality and individuality to the overall look – what’s not to love about that?”

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Photos by Fashion for Lunch

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