Resolutions Revisited

Resolutions Revisited

As January rolls into February, writer Dolly Alderton takes stock of her New Year goals… some more realistic than others.

Dolly Alderton New Year's Resolutions 2017 red v neck jumper crossed trousers and abingdon trench outfit

“I am a sucker for a new start. I love new stationery, a new sunrise, I even get a kick out of new soles on my old boots. I never think it’s too late to turn the page and start again and I see most days as an opportunity to begin a new story as well as continue the half-told. I know, I know, throw me in the sea – I am a Pollyanna at heart.”

Dolly Alderton Abingdon trench coat with a red cashmere jumper

“So, a new year is ample opportunity to indulge this annoyingly optimistic side of my personality. I resist the urge to write a bunch of demands of myself in an attempt to create a ‘new me’, but I do make a list of achievable goals in one of my (new, obviously) notebooks. I won’t bore you with this year’s list, but I will tell you that number 10 is ‘interview Rod Stewart’, number six is ‘ring mum’ and number four is ‘learn to drive’. So far I’ve excelled at number six, I’m yet to put both the proverbial and literal wheels in motion for ten and four.”

Red suede fringed heels and red bag

“Kicking off my year, along with so many of us who went a little too Keith Richards during December, I pledged a period of alcohol abstinence. I have managed to get to the end of January without so much as a sip of Babycham. It’s been an eye-opening experience – books are so much easier to read without a hangover (I’ve been roaring through two a week), mocktails are a wonder (the things they can do with floral syrups!), and all my best friends are terrible, terrible human beings (‘come on, just one Bloody Mary. It’s a Saturday! We won’t tell anyone‘).”

Dolly Alderton new year's resolutions dry January 2017

“Style wise, I’ve made the decision to do the unexpected a little more. My day-to-day default is to make classic choices – ‘timeless’ is the word for it, or ‘just a bit bloody obvious’ depending on which camp you’re in. But I’m going to stretch my style muscle in 2017 – choose colour over monochrome, clashes over coordinates, maybe actually bother with wearing jewellery. Come January 2018, I may not come out looking as sartorially intrepid as Iris Apfel, but hopefully my fashion identity will be a little bolder and brighter.”

Red leather Verity bag with red heels and navy wide leg trousers

(And if all goes to plan, I’ll be rocking this new look while cruising along in my new car; Rod in the passenger seat, my mum on the speaking on the bluetooth. See you on the other side).

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