Mini Boden To The Rescue

Mini Boden To The Rescue

Anchors away! The seafaring adventures of Sprout the dog and her companions inspired our new Mini Boden Air Sea Rescue collection. Come aboard and spot the gang on our hard-wearing designs with hand-drawn prints and amazing appliqués. Your little ones will be angling to wear them come rain or shine.

We spoke to Mini Boden’s head of textile design, Rachael Ward, to get the lowdown on the line ahead of launch.

Sprout the Boden dog on a boat in a lifejacket

What was the inspiration behind the Air Sea Rescue concept?

“We have always been inspired by our British coastline and its wildlife, particularly for our spring/summer ranges. The Air Sea Rescue  idea was a new, exciting angle to explore and we loved the idea of a rescue mission led by our hero, Sprout and her team.”

Boden unisex print air sea rescue character appliques, drawings, sketches and fabric samples

How did you come up with the characters?

“Alice, the author and designer of a Sprout the dog comic book story, created this new tale of three friends, Sprout the dog and Horatio seagull, the rescue team, and a playful cat named Flossie who finds herself stranded at sea.”

Boden unisex print air sea rescue tunic dress with red stripe pockets Mini Boden unisex print air sea rescue on boys pyjamas

It’s Mini Boden’s first unisex print – why did you decide to make it for both boys and girls?

“We felt that the idea was exciting for any child, boy or girl. The idea combined much-loved characters, a sense of action and adventure and a wonderful story about courage, camaraderie and friendship.”

Boden sea rescue theme applique dress cat and dog Sea rescue lighthouse patches on boys red jogging bottom trousers

What makes this collection so special?

“We have used a range of print and embroidery techniques for each of the pieces in this collection. The logo designs are all beautifully appliquéd, using different fabrics and stitches to capture the detail and charm of the each of the Air Sea Rescue  characters.”

Sea rescue print girls printed smock dress and yellow wellington boots

Which piece is your favourite?

“My favourite piece is the Air Sea Rescue printed dress, a great, simple shape that shows off our print perfectly. We love the idea that you can follow the story as you twirl.”


Meet the Crew

Sprout the dog Mini Boden rescue print
SPROUT: the bravest sea dog in the land
She’s Johnnie’s best friend and the most fearless canine we know

Fetching friends from danger, whale-surfing, sniffing out treats

Proudest moment
Rescuing Flossie the cat when she was stranded at sea

Boden sea rescue print featuring Horatio the seagull with his life ring

HORATIO: seagull-in-command
He’s always ready to swoop in and lend a hand (or wing)

Stretching his wings, pestering Sprout and Flossie, scanning the sea for troublemakers

Proudest moment
Delivering Boden parcels without a beak mark in sight

 Boden's sea rescue unisex print featuring Flossie the cat getting saved in a life ring

FLOSSIE: the clumsy cat
She’s usually the one getting into a sea of bother, especially when fish are involved

Sleeping, grooming, watching for fish, resting her eyes

Proudest moment
Catching a fish in mid-air without falling into the sea – hurrah!

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