Mini Boden & RNLI present The Weather Forecast

Mini Boden & RNLI present The Weather Forecast

This season, to coincide with the launch of Mini Boden’s new Maritime Heroes range celebrating our Great British coastline and sea rescue, we’re proud to announce our partnership with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

To bring our collaboration to life, we travelled to the RNLI lifeboat station in St Ives to conjure up a short film that would encapsulate our inspiration for the new Spring styles. With the beautiful Cornish seaside town as the theatrical backdrop, the cast and crew worked tirelessly to capture the heart-warming story of our mini lighthouse keeper and her fishermen friends. The result? A Mini Boden Love Story called The Weather Forecast.

Mini Boden RNLI collaboration video behind the scenes lifehouse keeper

Mini Boden RNLI red jacket behind the scenes video shoot

The story begins with a lighthouse keeper in charge of reporting the weather forecast to the RNLI lifeboat station. A young RNLI volunteer visits her lighthouse every day to collect the forecast information and put it on his noticeboard for local fishermen to see. But our volunteer is secretly in love with the lighthouse keeper and every time that he visits her to collect the weather forecast, he gives a present. On the final day of our story, does he arrive in time before she leaves the lighthouse and goes home? You’ll have to watch below to find out…

Mini Boden RNLI fishermen on video shoot

Mini Boden children on the RNLI video shoot in Cornwall

Before we dim the lights, we thought we’d take the opportunity to mention that from Monday 30th January to Tuesday 28th February 2017, we’ll donate £1 from sales of our Save The Day T-Shirt  and our Big Appliqué T-Shirt  in the UK and Ireland to the RNLI.

So, put the kettle on, gather round your screens and watch the story unfold.



Seagulls in the sky in Cornwall Mini Boden RNLI video

The video shoot in numbers

22 seagulls chasing chips
12 coffees
12 teas
12 pasties
7 T-shirts

Mini Boden RNLI collaboration charity t-shirt seagull applique

6 hot chocolates
5 real-life RNLI crew
3 boxes of chips
3 children’s life jackets

RNLI children's life jackets on the Mini Boden collaboration video shoot

2 lighthouses
2 lonely hearts
1 stolen pasty
1 RNLI lifeboat

Mini Boden x RNLI collaboration shoot lifeboat in the station

Learn more about our collaboration and pick up key water safety tips from our maritime heroes Sprout, Horatio and Flossie here.

For further information about The RNLI please visit

Mini Boden RNLI collaboration video behind the scenes

Video directed and written by Jenny Dyson. Created/produced by PENCIL for Boden

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